Bird of Prey

Director: Eric Liner

Producers: Eric Liner, John Bowman

95 minutes

With ice-colored eyes, a crown of wily feathers atop its head and the largest wing surface of any bird of its kind, the Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle is a creature of both arresting beauty and staggering power. This jungle denizen is also one of the rarest raptors on the planet — just 700 individuals remain — its fate threatened by logging, hunting and other human activities. In 1977, cinematographer and raptor specialist Neil Rettig traveled to the Philippines to capture the first filmed images of the eagle in the wild, an effort that helped catapult the bird into a national symbol. Bird of Prey follows Rettig as he returns to the island nation 40 years later. This time, he is determined to re-establish the bird not as a vanishing relic, but as a thriving symbol of the Philippines’ future.


DIR: Eric Liner
Director Bio: Director and cinematographer Eric Liner has filmed wildlife, wild places and wild people around the globe. Prior to joining the Cornell Lab in 2005, Liner worked in the freelance worlds of independent film and television broadcast. In 2007 he helped launch the Lab of Ornithology’s Multimedia Unit. Bird of Prey is his first documentary feature.





ED Tom Swartwout
DP Eric Liner
DP Neil Rettig
DP Skip Hobbie
MUSIC David Majzlin