Chasing The Thunder

Directors: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin

Producers: Katie Carpenter, Adam Schleifer, Sam Sielen, Nicholas Burnett, Peter Schmuhl

96 minutes

Few environmental documentaries have as much drama, action and excitement as Chasing the Thunder. The film follows a pair of boats from Sea Shepherd, which was founded by the legendary Paul Watson to track and stop illegal whaling, as they chase a notorious fishing vessel called the Thunder. The audience is right there on the deck as this extremely dangerous pursuit unfolds on the open seas, and it’s riveting. What’s at stake is made clear when the eco-warriors of Sea Shepherd find the criminals’ lines and pull them up. The Thunder was fishing for Chilean Sea Bass (originally Patagonian Toothfish), which filled the net along with a horrific mess of dead sea creatures. Outraged by the atrocity they witness, the Sea Shepherd crew vows to bring the ocean outlaws to justice.


DIRS: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin
Director Bio: Director and cameraman Mark Benjamin has created several independent films, eight Bill Moyers documentaries, six National Geographic films and nearly a dozen other projects for companies like HBO, ABC and CBS. Marc Levin is an award-winning independent filmmaker who weaves together narrative and verite techniques in his films, television series and documentaries. His credits include Slam, Brick City and Chicagoland.






ED Peter Schmuhl
ED Daniel Coda
ED Anne Barliant