Inventing Tomorrow

Director: Laura Nix

Producers: Diane Becker, Melanie Miller, Laura Nix
104 minutes

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With all the challenges facing our planet, a film like Inventing Tomorrow is a needed blast of hope. It’s not that the myriad of problems will fade away, but audiences can take comfort that there are young, committed and brilliant scientists who are out there ready to build a better world. The film follows a group of wonderfully awkward yet charismatic high school students who are competing in the annual International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). These young Einsteins hail from all over the world and share a deep love of science and innovation, but here they are in the hot seat, deeply immersed in a high-pressure competition that could have a huge impact on their future. It’s exciting to watch unfold, as these future leaders grow up a little bit while still being goofy, happy and exceptional kids.


DIRS: Laura Nix
Director Bio: Based in Los Angeles, Laura Nix is the owner of Felt Films, a production company that produces non-fiction shorts and features. She is a 2018 Chicken and Egg Breakthrough Filmmaker Award winner who was awarded the Sundance Institute/Discovery Impact Fellowship in 2017. She previously directed The Yes Men Are Revolting, The Light in Her Eyes and The Politics of Fur, among others.






ED Helen Kearns
DP Martina Radwan
MUSIC Laura Karpman