Director: Chanda Chevannes

Producer: Chanda Chevannes

91 minutes

As an introverted biologist and mother, Sandra Steingraber isn’t your textbook environmental activist. But her conviction that fracking is harmful to human health is steely enough to fuel her into becoming the outspoken leader in a grassroots fight to ban fracking in New York State. To succeed, Steingraber finds, she must devote all her time, energy and money to the cause — sometimes to the detriment of her family life back home, and even while her husband suffers from a series of strokes. Unfractured isn’t a film about the dangers of fracking and the oil and gas industry. Instead, it’s an intimate look at the beliefs, sacrifices and hopes of one activist who is determined not to back down. Because as Steingraber says, “the antidote to despair and cynicism is to fight with your whole heart.”


DIR: Chanda Chevannes
Director Bio: Canadian filmmaker, writer and educator Chanda Chevannes’ is passionate about media for social change. Her first feature-length film, Living Downstream, won several awards, screened publicly over 200 times and was broadcast on six continents. She is an instructor at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre.






Sandra Steinbraber


ED Nick Hector