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2018 Presentations


EarthxInteractive will take visitors on wild immersive journeys—swimming with dolphins in the ocean, dancing with flamingos, exploring the most remote islands on the planet and trekking through the jungles of Africa to defend wildlife—all in virtual and augmented reality. Audiences can explore nature, experience adventure and protect endangered species and the planet—all through today’s most exciting emerging art, media and technology.


From April 20-22, EarthxInteractive Zone, will present more than 30 virtual, augmented and mixed reality projects and educational workshops in the interactive lounge and satellite locations throughout the expo. Here’s a look at the projects:


Anote’s Ark VR – World Premiere

Director: Matthieu Rytz

Duration: 9 min.
Anote's Ark at 2018 EarthXFilm Festival
With almost no environmental footprint, the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati is one of the most remote places on the planet, yet it is one of the first countries confronting the main existential dilemma of our time: Imminent annihilation from sea level rise. Anote’s Ark VR takes you on a journey to Kiribati to bear witness to one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.


Guardians of the Forest – World Premiere

Directors: Brittany Neff, Benjamin Ross

Produced by Co.Reality and Scenic, distributed by UNVR

Duration: 9 min.

Guardians of the Forest at EarthXFilm 2018


Guardians of the Forest tells the story of a volunteer environmental monitoring force of the Guajajara tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. The Guardians, led by international indigenous activist SA?nia Guajajara, struggle to leverage what few resources they have to monitor and protect their forest from illegal logging. These activists are the last line of defense for the rainforest in the heart of an industrialized Amazon, giving us deeper insight into the roots of the crisis and see the Guajajara vision for the future.


Palmyra Atoll 360°—World Premiere

The Ocean Agency/Seaview 360 Production in collaboration with NOAA Fisheries, US Fish & Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy

Director: Christophe Bailhache

Producers: Sophie Ansel, Lorna Parry

Duration: 5 min.

Palmyra Atoll at EarthxFilm 2018


Palmyra Atoll is a National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and a Nature Conservancy center for world-class ocean and climate scientific research. Palmyra’s remoteness and high protection status means it is out of sight, out of mind to the majority of the world. By revealing this unique coral reef atoll to the world and in 360°, allowing people to truly experience it, viewers can begin to understand what makes this place so special and worthy of marine conservation and protection.


Nakuru Kuru: Awakening – World Premiere

Directors: Steve Engman, Jay Henningfeld Executive Producers: Rene Pinnell, Jill Klekas, Jeffrey Abramson A Live-Action 360° Experience by Jiva VR

Duration: 8 min.
Nakuru Kuru: Awakening at EarthxFilm 2018

Surf pioneer John Ritter’s decades-long expedition, culminating in the discovery of one of the greatest waves on earth, began twenty years prior in Baja, Mexico. Now with the help of Virtual Reality technology, Nakuru Kuru: Awakening, allows you to experience the defining moments that propelled Ritter to a lifetime of exploration. Journey down dusty Baja backroads en route to a sublime sunrise surf, dive amongst thousands of Jackfish in Cabo Pulmo and enjoy a meditative campfire on a deserted beach – experiences John found by leaving it all behind, in pursuit of a dream.


Journeys of our Coast Series: The Dance & The Voyage—World Premiere

Produced and Directed by Olivier Leroux and Boris Maganic
A Google Jump Start Production

Duration: 4 & 5 min.
Journeys Off Our Coast at EarthxFilm 2018

In the fall of 2017, Olivier and Boris embarked on a journey to capture the rich culture of several Indigenous Nations off the Coast of British Columbia. Their aim was to learn about an important culture that was long silenced, and to share their wonderful traditions with the rest of the world in an engaging and transformative way. The two encapsulated parts of their findings in a five episode series. Part I: The Dance and Part II: The Voyage, will be premiering for the first time at EarthxFilm.

Dance with fIARmingos

Director: Kristin Lucas

Viewable through Augmented Reality Apps and Kinect

Dance with Flarmingos at EarthXFilm


Join the flock! Dance with life-size augmented reality flamingos. Pick up flamingo dance moves researched by scientists, snap a photo, and adopt a flamingo through a wetlands conservation initiative. Workshop with artist Kristin Lucas to learn how they were animated by human motion capture and a dynamic flocking algorithm. Made with Pioneer Works in partnership with Tour du Valat research institute in Arles, France.


Dive with Sylvia

Produced by Cascade Game Foundry

Duration: 5 min.

Dive With Sylvia at EarthXFilm 2018


Dive with Sylvia is Cascade Game Foundrya’s first Oculus Rift-enabled experience and features a relaxing, 5-minute scuba dive with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle. The legendary oceanographer leads you on a tour of a dive site in Belize that features corals, reef fish, sea turtles, groupers and whale sharks. Because the wildlife on each dive is different, as it is in the real world, you never know what you may see.

CGF will donate all the proceeds from sales of Dive with Sylvia to Mission Blue, a non-profit organization founded by Earle that creates public awareness about critical ocean issues and inspires support for organizations, projects and scientific expeditions that make a positive difference for the ocean.


Explorer Mike Libecki presented by Dell VR

Director: Mike Libecki



Come join National Geographic Explorer and Dell Ambassador Mike Libecki as he takes us on a journey to some of the most remote expeditions possible from Antarctica to Greenland and beyond. Ever wondered what its like to go on assignment on the most challenging expeditions in the world and bring home stories for National Geographic? From climbing first ascents and paddle boarding with polar bears in unexplored Greenland, to hanging out with penguins and killer whales in Antarctica to Mt. Everest to a journey with Mike and his daughter on humanitarian efforts around the world! Come explore virgin Earth and experience the immaculate mayhem, magic, power and beauty of our Mother Earth.



The Ocean Agency/Seaview 360 Production in collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Panedia, University of Queensland

Director: Christophe Bailhache

Producer: Sophie Ansel

Lady Elliot Island Eco resort

Full Series Duration: 14 min.

Great Barrier Reef VR Series at EarthXFilm 2018


Explore science and witness rare underwater moments with dolphins and manta rays on the Great Barrier Reef captured in full 360°.

Dolphin Encounter on the Great Barrier Reef

Duration: 2 min.

Underwater, you never know what’s around the corner! Although they usually hunt in groups, solitary dolphins can also be seen hunting. This bottlenose dolphin let us be a witness of this rare moment.

Manta Rays encounter on the Great Barrier Reef

Duration: 3 min.

Swimming alongside these graceful ocean giants is a magical experience.

Life underwater at Lady Elliot Island

Duration: 3 min.

This film explores the incredible richness of a sanctuary situated at the southern tip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Life underwater at Heron Island

Duration: 3 min.

Heron Bommie on the Great Barrier Reef, rated in Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s top 10 dive sites in the world.

Science on the Great Barrier Reef

Duration: 3 min.

Follow the work of scientists from The University of Queensland at the Heron Island Research Station.


Greenland Melting

Directors: Catherine Upin, Nonny De La Pe

In collaboration with FRONTLINE and NOVA with Emblematic Group, X-Rez Studio and Realtra

Duration: 13 min.

Greenland Melting at EarthxFilm 2018


Greenland’s glaciers are melting faster and faster. This VR experience brings the story to life as never before. On the heels of the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, Greenland Melting provides a rare, up-close view of icy Arctic scenery that’s disappearing faster than predicted. The VR experience was created with high-resolution photogrammetry capturing both interiors and exteriors of nine different locations. The NASA scientists in this story were filmed using 8i technology and added to scenes as 3-D figures.


Greenpeace 360

The Ocean Agency/Seaview 360 Production in collaboration with Greenpeace and Panedia

Director: Christophe Bailhache

Producers: Sophie Ansel, Sandra Janssen

Duration: 3 min.

Greenpeace 360 at EarthxFilm 2018


For more than 45 years, Greenpeace is committed to saving the oceans and all the life in them. The underwater world is stunning as you can see in this virtual reality video. Together we can protect our oceans. Will you join us?



Produced by The Humane Society of the United States / Humane Society International


Hurricane Harvey

Duration: 2 min.

Humane Society's US Animal Rescue Team Disasters at EarthxFilm 2018

Join The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team as they rescue animals from the destruction following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. Disaster relief efforts included transporting 1,890 animals out of harm’s way, as well as providing eight tons of feed, 1,500 bags of shavings for bedding, and 2,554 bales of hay for cattle.


Black Beauty Ranch
Duration: 1.5 min.

Black Beauty Ranch at EarthxFilm 2018

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas that was founded in 1979 by author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. Take a virtual tour of this incredible facility, which is now home to nearly 1,000 domestic and exotic animals, many of which have been rescued from near-death situations.



Director: Isabelle Fournet
Executive Producer: Mia Hannak
Duration: 5 min.

Impact VR Plastic Ocean at EarthxFilm

The IMPACT VR experience is a portal through which users can visualize their ecological footprint on the planet, based on demographic information entered, consumption data on plastic pollution, deforestation and fossil fuels. When presented with choices for changing behaviors, the impact of the users’ footprints on the environment diminishes, creating a picture of a more sustainable future.


Land to Lake – Creating Equilibrium

Conceptual Design – Mia Hanak

Curatorial Development and Creative Design – Isabelle Fournet
Duration: 2.5 min.

Land to Lake at EarthxFilm 2018

Land to Lake is an environmental art experience with data-driven storytelling that takes viewers on a journey through the anthropogenic (man-made) impacts on the terrestrial and aquatic ecology of the Lake Tahoe Basin, as well as the solutions required to restore balance. Ethereal narration by an indigenous tribal elder, one of the very last speakers of the ancient and endangered Washoe (WaA?iw) language, intertwines with animated data visualizations to create an emotional connection to the Lake Tahoe region.


Blue Abyss

Produced by Blue Abyss

Viewable on Liquid Galaxy immersive panoramic platform

Blue Abyss at EarthxFilm 2018

Explore Blue Abyss virtually. Blue Abyss will be the most comprehensive, commercial research and testing facility of its kind in the world. The pool’s staged landings down to 50m and its partitioned floor space have been designed to be incredibly flexible, to allow multiple users to utilize the pool simultaneously for a variety of tasks. Multiple sectors will use Blue Abyss as an evaluation and pre-deployment proving ground for future generations of divers, underwater and space robots, submersibles and other ancillary aquatic and space-related equipment, and the procedures that support them.



Produced by BLACK DOT FILMS VR for National Geographic Partners


Galapagos at EarthxFilm 2018

Duration: 3 min.
Journey with National Geographic to the remote Galapagos Islands and come face to face with animals found nowhere else on Earth. In this breathtaking VR film, dive beneath the waters of the Galapagos into a feeding frenzy as dozens of sharks and tuna tear into a teeming school of thousands of fish while seabirds dive into the bait ball from above.

Nat Geo Orangutang School at EarthxFilm 2018

Orangutan School
Duration: 9 min.
National Geographic VR takes you inside the International Animal Rescue sanctuary in the forest of Borneo to see what it takes to teach a baby orangutan to be an orangutan. There, a dedicated team of vets teaches these orphans (some of whom have never even seen a tree) everything they’ll need to know to one day head out on their own, back into the wild.

Nat Geo Climbing Giants at EarthxFilm 2018

Climbing Giants

Duration: 4 min.

Climb to the top of the biggest trees on Earth. Deep inside Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks a team of scientists are studying how these 3,000-year-old trees are reacting to a rapidly changing climate.

Natgeo VR at EarthXFilm 2018
Great Hammerhead Shark Encounter

Duration: 3 min.
Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas and come face to face with a curious great hammerhead shark. One of the most viral VR films of 2016, this film has been seen over 30 million times on Facebook and YouTube.


Nat Geo Glow Worms at EarthxFilm 2018
Glow Worm Caves of New Zealand

Duration: 3 min.
Captured with custom-built 360 time-lapse motion control rigs, this 360 VR film plunges viewers deep into the caves of New Zealand, where glowing worms imitate the night sky to attract unsuspecting victims into their deadly webs.


The Planetary Survival Scenario

Developed by the Human Interface Technologies Team, University of Birmingham, UK

Viewable on Liquid Galaxy immersive panoramic platform

Planetary Survival Scenario at EarthxFilm 2018


This growing series of mixed reality vignettes is designed to show the importance of merging real, physical fidelity with computer-generated fidelity in technology-based training. Approach a planetary drone, which launches and relays aerial images. With the threat of an incoming dust storm, the user’s task is then to locate and seek the shelter of a survival module.



Directors: Milica Zec, Winslow Porter

HTC VR for Impact

Duration: 8 min.

Tree VR at EarthXFilm 2018


This critically acclaimed and haptically enhanced virtual reality experience transforms you into a majestic rain forest tree. With your arms as branches and body as a trunk, you’ll experience the tree’s life from a seedling to its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand. In Tree, users experience the cycle of life through the lens of the natural world. To ensure that Tree encourages not just awareness, but action, we’ve partnered with The Rainforest Alliance.


Sanctuaries of Silence

Directors: Emmanuel Vaughan Lee and Adam Loften

Duration: 7 min.
Sanctuaries of Silence at EarthxFilm 2018

Silence just might be on the verge of extinction and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton believes that even the most remote corners of the globe are impacted by noise pollution. In Sanctuaries of Silence, join Hempton on an immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.



The Ocean Agency/Seaview 360 Production in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Director: Christophe Bailhache

Producer: Olivier Dufourneaud

Duration: 6 min.


Tubbatha at EarthxFilm 2018


Dive into one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Sulu Sea.

Join H.A.H Prince Albert II of Monaco during his visit to the remote reefs of Tubbataha in the Philippines for a critical turtle conservation project in collaboration with the Tubbataha Reef National Park.


Conservation International: Valen’s Reef

Director: Inraa Ishmale

Duration: 8 min.
Valen's Reef at EarthxFilm 2018


Valen’s Reef is a touching, immersive virtual reality film that shares the wonder of some of Earth’s most beautiful reefs through the eyes of West Papuan fisherman-turned-coral-reef-scientist and conservationist Ronald Mambrasar and his 8-year-old son, Valen. Together, they take viewers on an underwater journey among the region’s stunning sea life and share how their people have reclaimed their ancestral waters, creating one of the world’s most successful community-based marine conservation projects. Valen’s Reef was created by Conservation International in collaboration with Here Be Dragons and with support from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation.


Conservation International: Under the Canopy

Director: Patrick Meegan
Duration: 11 min.

Under The Canopy at EarthxFilm 2018


The Amazon rainforest gives us air we need to survive and is our best hope in this time of climate change. With its second virtual reality film, Conservation International invites you to plunge through the forest canopy, meet Amazonia’s stunningly abundant wildlife and explore the jungle with Kamanja, a wise member of an indigenous community, which is uniquely able to protect such a vital place. Under the Canopy lets you see first-hand how protecting this forest means protecting our future. It was created by Conservation International in collaboration with Jaunt and with support from MacArthur Foundation, SC Johnson, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation and HP.


Wildlife Protection Solutions #ZeroExtinction

Produced by Wildlife Protection Solutions
Duration: 10 min.

Wildlife Protection Solutions at EarthXFilm 2018

The Wildlife Protection Solution mission is to use technology to conserve endangered species and ecosystems. Join this team on the front-lines of conservation and get up close with elephants, lions, buffalo, baby rhinos, monkeys and more.


Sea Change Immersive Wall

Sea Change Immersive Wall at EarthxFilm 2018

Our world is affected by our movements, small or large. Sea Change allows us to experience that connection with even the slightest gesture or sound. Immerse yourself in imagining what the world could be, and how we can be positive force for its change.

Sea change is a collaboration between Resonator Experience Agency (Austin, TX) and local New Media artist, James Talambas (Fort Worth, TX).


Planet EarthX

Presented byAustin Music Video Fest

It’s like Planet Earth meets music videos! Have a seat, slip on those headphones, and discover your new favorite vid featuring gorgeous moments with nature, cuddly animals, and/or some inspired human oddities. Plus, catch a sneak peek of the new Lagoons video “Escape” before it premieres online!


Planet EarthX is a collaboration with the Austin Music Video Festival ( and includes videos from their international community of artists and directors. Come celebrate the weird and wonderful world of music videos at the 4th annual AMVFest (December 4-8) in Austin, TX.


Drive Clean Texas

Produced by The Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Drive Cean Texas at EarthxFilm 2018

Virtually raising awareness about the impact of vehicle emissions on air quality to motivate drivers to help keep the air clean. Our love affair with automobiles has meant that, in some areas of the state, emissions from cars and trucks make up half of all of Texas’s air pollution. Air quality messages are now regularly reaching millions of Texas drivers. Awareness of the health risks of air pollution has increased, and drivers now recognize that even small steps can reduce harmful emissions.


Thank you to our generous PLATFORM SPONSORS:


Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy by End Point is an immersive panoramic media platform that displays Google Earth, maps, 3D models, and 360 video, allowing viewers to interact to fly the world, visualize complex data, and participate interactively.


Google Daydream Impact

Daydream Impact is a program that gives changemakers the inspiration, guidance, and tools to improve reality using VR video. VR experiences can be a powerful way to engage, learn, and connect with others, and we want to enable nonprofits to create and share these stories.


Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR is your portal to a new world where you can see, share, and do more—like relive moments in 360 degrees captured with the Gear 360 or travel to the places of your dreams. Immerse yourself in virtual worlds and embark on new adventures. Anything’s possible with the Gear VR.


Dell VR
Dell partners with industry-leading technology companies to solve today’s most complex problems of application computing. Dell’s highly collaborative approach results in tested, optimized solutions that can help you cut costs and raise efficiency and productivity.


Corgan Media Lab

Corgan MediaLab creates 3D elements and motion graphics for TV, broadcast and interactive experiences. If it needs to wiggle, move, bounce, twirl or come to life, the MediaLab can do it. 2D and 3D visual FX, 3D modeling, character animation, 360 interactive experiences, environmental modeling and virtually anything you can think of, we can help you create.



vive logoHTC VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform, built and optimized for room-scale VR and authentic interactions. Delivering on the promise of VR with game-changing technology and best-in-class content, VIVE has created the strongest ecosystem for hardware and software, bringing VR to consumers, developers and enterprises.

For information, visitA�

Thank you to our generous PARTNERS:


Austin Music Video Festival Pop Up and Mixed Reality

Earthx is partnering with Austin Music Video Festival to present hyper-local music videos on the big screen … including cutting-edge eco-installations curated by RESONATOR Experience Agency. Within a customizable digital landscape of EarthX conference landmarks, branding and sponsor elements, attendees can play each element as a reactive music instrument.


Red Flight Mobile – Access to Innovation with Robinne Burrell

Formed in 2016, Access to Innovation Workshops is a Los Angeles based series of educational workshops for youth, as part of Redflight Mobile’s social enterprise arm. The goal of the workshops is to build upon the national initiatives to expose more young students to STEM, digital arts, and to the variety of career roles in technology. Through an immersive series of sessions in coding, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and product development, participants will leave with the fundamentals needed to become the next generation of tech leaders.


UNVR – A project implemented by the UN Sustainable Development
Goals Action Campaign

Since January 2015, the UN SDG Action Campaign has coordinated the United Nations Virtual Reality Series to bring the world’s most pressing challenges home to decision makers and global citizens around the world, pushing the bounds of empathy. The UN Virtual Reality Series shows the human story behind development challenges, allowing people with the power to make a difference have a deeper understanding of the everyday realities of those in danger of being left behind.


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