Year Round Events

Every 4th Monday of the month, EarthxFilm presents Movie Mondays—screenings that will impact hearts and minds. Summer screenings will highlight documentaries, features and shorts from the EarthxFilm 2018 festival. We’ll also have special screenings throughout the year from filmmakers whose work inspires us to protect our enviroment.



July 23

Bird of Prey @ Landmark Magnolia Theater, West Village – 7pm

Bird of PreyWith ice-colored eyes, a crown of wily feathers atop its head and the largest wing surface of any bird of its kind, the Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle is a creature of both arresting beauty and staggering power. This jungle denizen is also one of the rarest raptors on the planet — just 700 individuals remain — its fate threatened by logging, hunting and other human activities. In 1977, cinematographer and raptor specialist Neil Rettig traveled to the Philippines to capture the first filmed images of the eagle in the wild, an effort that helped catapult the bird into a national symbol. Bird of Prey follows Rettig as he returns to the island nation 40 years later. This time, he is determined to re-establish the bird not as a vanishing relic, but as a thriving symbol of the Philippines’ future.

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August 27

Immersive Movie Monday: The Best of Virtual Reality @ REI Northwest Highway – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Immersive Movie MondayWe present some of the best interactive and virtual reality pieces from EarthxInteractive Zone 2018 where visitors experienced wild immersive journeys—swimming with dolphins in the ocean, dancing with flamingos, exploring the most remote islands on the planet and trekking through the jungles of Africa to defend wildlife.
Explore nature, experience adventure and protect endangered species and the planet—all through today’s most exciting emerging art, media and technology.

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September 24

Into the Okavango – The Beating Heart of our Planet @ Alamo Drafthouse Lake Highlands – 7pm

Into the OkavangoThe Okavango Delta in northwest Botswana is a vast system of wetlands surrounded on all sides by the Kalahari Desert. It’s a veritable freshwater oasis, a landscape so huge it can be seen by space, and its wildlife significance cannot be understated. The Okavango teems with the largest wildlife populations in Africa — lions, elephants, birds, hippos and caimans thrive in its fecund ecosystems.
As ornithologist Steve Boyes puts it: “This is the wild perfect. As perfect as we used to be.” It’s also, Boyes notes, a delicate place where the water and wildlife have been diminishing. In order to fully comprehend the delta’s system, Boyes assembles a team of scientists and guides to find the source of the Okavango and follow it to its terminus. What ensues is adventure in the purest sense of the word. But the goal, like the place, remains bigger than all of them: to create the largest protected area in the world.

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October 22 – Half Earth Day

A Taco Throwdown and outdoor screening of Charged @ the Dallas Farmers Market – 7pm

ChargedWhen Eduardo Garcia happened across a dead bear while hunting in the Montana backcountry in 2011, it piqued his curiosity. But when he prodded it with his knife, he was jolted with 2,400 volts of electricity — the animal was concealing a live electrical wire. The incident almost killed Garcia, forcing doctors to remove his arm and leaving him with significant injuries, and altered the course of his life forever. Charged follows his painstaking recovery, his return to the kitchen as a “bionic chef,” and the way nature helps him heal — both from his physical wounds and from his emotional challenges, which prove to be the most formidable of all.

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Additional Screenings Will Be Listed Soon