Year Round Events

Every fourth Monday of the month, EarthxFilm presents Movie Mondays—screenings that will impact hearts and minds. Summer screenings will highlight documentaries, features and shorts from the EarthxFilm 2018 festival. We’ll also have special screenings throughout the year from filmmakers whose work inspires us to protect our enviroment.


November 26

Beartrek @ Cinepolis, 2365 Victory Park Ln, Dallas – 7pm

BeartrekEarthxFilm presents a free screening of the film Beartrek.
Beartrek is a conservation story wrapped in an adventure. Follow adventurer and renowned biologist Chris Morgan on an epic and entertaining journey to find the world’s most elusive and endangered bears.
Discover the threats facing them in the wild, meet the dedicated people racing to save them from extinction, and join the campaign to protect bears and their habitat.


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January 28

The Last Animals @ Angelika Film Center & Café – Dallas 5321 E. Mockingbird Ln. – 7pm

The Last AnimalsThe Last Animals is a story about an extraordinary group of people who go to incredible lengths to save the planet’s last animals.
The documentary follows the conservationists, scientists and activists battling poachers and transnational trafficking syndicates to protect elephants and rhinos from extinction.
From Africa’s front lines to behind the scenes of Asian markets to the United States, the film takes an intense look at the global response to this slaughter and the desperate measures to genetically rescue the Northern White rhinos who are on the edge of extinction.

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February 25

Rodents of an Unusual Size @ Location TBA – 7pm

Rodents of an Unusual SizeThe name is a nod to those villainous rats in The Princess Bride, but this film is no fictional tale. Instead, it tells the very real story of nutria, an invasive giant swamp rat that is wreaking havoc in the wetlands of Louisiana.
These orange-tooth rodents, which hail from South America, are chomping up coastal wetlands, disturbing ecosystems, breeding like mad and threatening the future of humans to inhabit these areas. But the Louisianans who have called the state home for generations aren’t the type to give up their land without a fight.
Rodents of Unusual Size follows a group of these citizens as they defend their land, culture and way of life against the voracious animals.


Additional Screenings Will Be Listed Soon